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Phase 02 . Device

01 Digital Prototype (parametric model driven by inputs) . Due 10/7

In groups of 2-3 from the original competition teams you will develop a digital prototype of one of the responsive devices/systems in the original team proposal. This prototype will use Rhino to create the model and Grasshopper to drive the dynamic inputs; ie sensors and their inputs that will drive responsive actions.The model should focus on the devices formal aesthetic and the transformations the device will make. The Grasshopper components should be used to drive actual values within the digital model such as rotation (0-360 degrees), transformations (movement in feet/meters) and/or binary actions (off/on).Deliverables: Rhino model, Grasshopper definition and appropriate conceptual diagrams and models.

02 Digital-Analog Prototype (1-2 sensors) . Due 10/17

Further developing the digital model you will wire the inputs created in Grasshopper to the Firefly Uno Read component driven by an Arduino and connected sensors. The sensor data will then directly control the digital device creating a virtual prototype that is connected to environmental phenomena.

The prototype will pay close attention to the interaction between the sensed data and how that is remapped to create desired responses in the digital model. The digital prototype should respond in a clear and understandable manner. The prototype will focus on 1-2 sensors that will drive actions within the digital prototype.

It may be necessary to create environments (models) that can be adjusted to provide the sensing field. This may be a scaled model that simulates the phenomena that is being sensed, a constructed environment or other methods that the group devises.

Deliverables: Rhino model, Grasshopper definition, sensor circuit(s) and appropriate conceptual diagrams and models.

Review with outside critics

03 Digital-Analog Physical Prototype . 11/04

After creating a responsive digital prototype each group will use the digital model and analog sensors to construct a physical prototype. The Firefly Uno Read will be connected to the Uno Write component to connect to the Arduino to drive servos, LEDs or any other physical component necessary to develop the physical prototype.

The physical prototype will expand the sensing and responses to create a fully articulated device that provides a proof of concept for a working device. This device should attempt to capture the complexity of the sensing methods and the associated responses. Rather than exploring single interactions it will be necessary to orchestrate a range of sensing and responses that fully explore how this device might function within the environment.

Deliverables: Rhino model, Grasshopper definition, sensor circuit(s), physical prototype and appropriate conceptual diagrams and models.

Review with outside critics

04 Reconceptualize Proposal . 11/22 Final Review

Each group will re-examine the original team competition proposals and will provide a revised scheme based on the developed prototype. The scheme will be an evolution of the original proposal and may be developed in two ways.

1. The first may be a completed as a revised team competition proposal. This would be the original team creating a revised concept using each of the prototyped devices from the smaller groups. This would be a unified approach to create an evolved proposal. The group would present their original ideas and explain their evolved proposal with consideration to how the prototypes have altered the approach.

2. The second approach would be for each of the smaller groups to develop an evolved proposal that diverges from the original concept. The smaller groups would focus on an aspect of the original proposal that interests them and using the prototypes they would explain how their approach has created a new or altered methodology. The team will present their original proposal and each of the smaller groups will then present their approach and evolved proposal.

Deliverables: Rhino models, Grasshopper definitions, sensor circuit(s), physical prototypes, plans, perspectives, sections as well as appropriate analytical and conceptual diagrams and models.

05 Documentation . 12/9

The work of the semester will be revised to create a publication that documents the work of each of the competition proposals and the smaller groups. The studio will design, in coordination with the faculty, a publication format and each of the teams will represent their semester’s work.

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