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Bradley E. Cantrell
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Louisiana State University Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture
311 Design Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


Bradley Cantrell is dedicated to advancing the science and art of ecological design through computing, responsive technologies and data visualization. He actively fosters interdisciplinary research projects and is the Director of the Terrain Kinetics (TiKi) Lab, an interdisciplinary facility for the exploration of landscape visualization and responsive environments.

His own research and teaching focuses on using digital techniques to represent landscape form and processes. This work in digital representation ranges from improving the workflow of digital media in the design process, to providing a methodology for deconstructing landscape through compositing and film editing techniques. Mr. Cantrell is the co-author of Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture, a widely adopted text, and the forthcoming Modeling the Environment

Professor Cantrell is actively involved in research through the creation of responsive environmental technologies and infrastructures that develop symbiotic relationships between biotic and abiotic systems. The research examines methods to engage complex biological systems through nuanced responsive systems that interact on a variety of scales. This research is recognized through peer reviewed publications and implemented in professional projects and the teaching of advanced design studios.

In addition to teaching at LSU, Cantrell teaches new approaches to landscape visualization to design firms throughout the U.S. and lectures at universities, symposiums and conferences worldwide.

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