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Week 13 – Research, part deux


As a collective everyone has learned a lot of information about editing levels in Hammer. You will present a topic that highlights your knowledge. Your document should begin with the valve developer information but should be expanded, this includes screenshots and examples from hammer and an example .vmf file and any other associated files.

The presentation should be in the form of a PDF document that includes the steps necessary to complete the technique as well as links to appropriate web resources. Topics have been assigned below:

Research Assignments
Hank Dalton – Scale
Chris Graham – Sound
Jill Guillory – Import from 3ds max
Aaron Lewis – Glass
Paul McKinney – Weather
Brett Miller – Elevators
Spencer Rimes – Advanced Modeling Techniques
Malone Screen – Physics
Chris Ventre – Vegetation
Justin Walters – Ropes and Ladders
Ashley Wills – Hierarchies

Final Deliverable: Example .vmf file and PDF presentation uploaded to class server space

Assignments are due @ 9.30am, April 16th

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