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Project 2.001 – Systems . Illustrate

OMA . North Sea Masterplan

Before beginning the final project of the semester you will take time to research several systems that affect the Desoto park site either directly or indirectly. You will research the system and develop a temporal illustration/diagram and/or model that focuses on the following:

  1. relationship between components within the system
  2. deconstruction or construction processes
  3. system cycles and/or multiple states

The illustration/diagram should explore the system in an attempt to further understand function, implementation, and contextual relationships. This is a chance to obsess on craft, precision, and making.


This list will be evolved in studio on March 14th and each student will choose a system. Please be prepared to discuss a broader range of systems.

  1. River Navigation Channels and Systems (shipping/transit)
  2. Riparian Successional Ecologies
  3. River Navigation Infrastructure (locks/bridges/etc.)
  4. River Control Structures (spillways/etc)
  5. Mississippi River Watershed
  6. Mississippi River Edge Processes (deposition/scouring/etc)
  7. Mississippi River Levee Construction
  8. River Simulation and Modeling/Mississippi River Basin Model


The deliverable will be a model(s) or illustration/diagram(s). This assignment requires that you choose the best form of representation in order to comprehensively and concisely represent a complex, fluctuating/evolving system.

The model(s) and/or illustration/diagram(s) as well as site 0.005 {temporal} will be displayed in a gallery style review on March 23rd at 2pm.


Stop Motion Animation Explaining Evolving River Batture Systems

Examples from LA 4504 Hybrid Analytical Representation

Other sources of inspiration


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