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Week 3 – Concept

Building Your First Level

Hammer is the level editing software developed to create levels for the source gaming engine. Your assignment this week will be to create a basic level that is used to test concepts for your design project. In order to begin this process you will use the following tutorial to familiarize yourself with the level editor.

Beginner’s Tutorial

Assignment Week 3 – Part 1
Using hammer you will create a level that consists of three spaces and 6 level changes. Using the provided textures and entities you should appropriately texture and light your level. This level should test ideas you will use in your final project such as:

  • scale
  • ambiance
  • spatial relationships
  • transition
  • threshold
  • Final Deliverable: .vmf level file uploaded to class server space

    Assignment Week 3 – Part 2
    On 2-4 pages you will organize your level design concept from the precedents discussed in class. These pages should contain all of the information necessary to explain your project and build the level. When assembling the document you should include images of precedent, plans, sections, texture examples, examples of ambiance/lighting, and any other relevant information.

    Final Deliverable: .pdf (@ high quality) uploaded to class server space

    Assignments are due @ 9.30am, February 13th

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