Reactscape device:space

Site : 0.002 {measure . annotate}


In order to further understand the spatial qualities of the site you will return to the site and create a section-elevation illustrating and quantifying the vector previously explored in site 0.001. This will be a single section cut that will use photographs and analog media to illustrate information beyond the cut line. You will retrace the vector from the previous assignment looking for all of the details that may be illustrated in the section-elevation. Spend time accurately mapping the changes in topography, materials, infrastructure, etc.


The section-elevation must be 1:10, monochromatic, highly crafted and may utilize digital or analog media. You will not only draft the section but you will also annotate the features. Precision and detail is necessary to be successful in this phase of the project. It is possible to create the section in parts as long as it is possible to combine each part into a large whole. If the section is created in pieces each piece should speak to the transitions documented in the previous photographs.

All elements are due Monday, February 13th at 1:30pm. The sections will be displayed in coordination with the previous photographs. Location TBD.

by Matthew Seibert

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