Reactscape device:space

#nopurpose … actually take a look

I just wanted to throw out a couple of interesting links for upcoming competitions and submissions that may be of interest. The first is submissions for KERB 19. Abstracts are due Feb 28th with full manuscripts due March 14th. One Prize is requesting proposals examining the NYC Harbor and rivers as the sixth borough. I […]

language {..II..}

Developing a mediating language through abstraction creates an approach that addresses simultaneous issues in enviro-tech interfaces for sensing, responsiveness, automation, and interactivity. This language exists in the liminal realm between dry {technology} and wet {biology} attempting to embrace a moist medium (roy ascott). Abstraction addresses simultaneous modes of complexity that exist in both dry and […]

Jersey {Battery?}

Interesting article in Metropolis, many of you may have seen this. The incorporation of technologies into existing infrastructure is an interesting way to approach a site like the Perkins Underpass. Any thoughts on other possibilities that may allow for multiple functions from our infrastructure