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Promising Kinect UI Hack

Kinect Hacks: MIT gets Minority Report UI to work, look at those fingers go! | Joystiq. One of the more interesting UI hacks for the Kinect, tracking down to the fingers opens up a lot of possibilities. You can grab the source and read the documentation here.

The Wilderness Downtown
The Wilderness Downtown

Impressive interpretation of a music “video.” The Wilderness Downtown is a piece that uses Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait” to create a compelling browser based music video experience. I am particularly excited about the use of realtime mapping via google street view. Chris Milk directed the piece with the visual effects of Aaron […]

Environmental Modeling
Environmental Modeling

I have started on the next book manuscript and will be working over the next year with my colleague Natalie Yates (Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Washington University Sam Fox School of Visual Arts and Design). The book will focus on environmental modeling and the illustration/simulation of dynamic landscapes and processes. We will be publishing […]

Augmented Sculpture – Grosse8 & Lichtfront

While not fully explored the use of projection as a temporal medium over static surfaces/datums always holds my interest. Similar to our Orleans Parish Model this sculpture uses projection to bring surfaces to life. The image correction used works extremely well to map the projection across the sculpture. (originally from Augmented Sculpture – Grosse8 […]

Augmented Reality

Great representation of augmented reality on Vimeo. Found the video through a post on Mammoth. Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo. The video speaks to a change in how we conceptualize the built environment, specifically architectural surfaces and products within that environment.

Digital Drawing for Landscape Architects

Reviewing the page proofs for the book which is exciting, slowly going through the proofs. We have a short foreword from Ken Smith which frames the book nicely and there is a good deal of information for beginning landscape students and professionals that are looking to get their head around digital techniques. The cover is […]

scale and resolution

A lot of thought has been circulating regarding scale and resolution in regards to perception, sensing, and visualization. Allowing an objects scale to be manipulated and projected re-contextualizes the object… The issue comes up that the projection itself can create the re-contextualization but developing a framework that keeps the object relevant and the space fragmented […]

Around View Monitor

Video compositing technology put to use for a pragmatic in dash monitor system. Interesting re-appropriation of realtime information/data.

The Digital Mile

Worth taking a look at…

Dan Roosegarde

It is interesting to find the results of sculptors creating convincing and interesting landscape that provokes context sensitivity which is user based. As landscape architects we strive to design landscapes that have direct connections to relevant ecological systems. In Roosegarde sculptures it is the user is the nascent system that the landscape bends and responds […]

Tagging the landscape

Tags and labels are a big part of understanding and cataloging the vast amounts of data we encounter everyday. Tagging not only allows us to search data more efficiently but it also allows individuals to collectively organize and sort information. If you are unfamiliar with the tagging of information you can look into one of […]

Multi-Touch Interactive Display

This is an amazing step in the direction of multi-touch interactive interfaces. Interesting applications for creating and navigating digital landscapes. [youtube=] You Tube Video of Jeff Han Demonstrating the interface