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Hybrid Analytical Landscapes
Hybrid Analytical Landscapes

At CELA 2011 I had the opportunity to present the work Kristi Cheramie and I have assembled that led to the teaching of the Hybrid Analytical Landscapes course in the 2011 wintersession at LSU. The work was well received overall although we were not able to have a critical discussion during the panel due to […]

Latest Site Observations
Latest Site Observations

My design studio was asked to observe site phenomena and features through a 3hr site visit this past Friday. Each student was asked to create an annotated illustration that captured 60 observations and 30 events over the 3hrs. While many of the events and observations are initially mundane most students came away with a greater […]

Promising Kinect UI Hack

Kinect Hacks: MIT gets Minority Report UI to work, look at those fingers go! | Joystiq. One of the more interesting UI hacks for the Kinect, tracking down to the fingers opens up a lot of possibilities. You can grab the source and read the documentation here.

Augmented Reality . Sea Dragon Technology

A demonstration of mapping technology by Blaise Aguera y Arcas at Microsoft. Very interesting conceptually to think that we are modeling, observing, and imaging our built environment through multiple time periods. The ability to embed these time shifts within one another as well as navigate them is fascinating. TED presentation below:

Mississippi Basin Model
Mississippi Basin Model

On Sunday I traveled with my representation seminar to the Mississippi Basin Model in Clinton, MS. I have been to the site several times and I am always amazed at the possibilities of such a device. As an armature the model provides an interesting datum to attach new content. The model is a perfect precedent […]

Digital Drawing for Landscape Architects

Reviewing the page proofs for the book which is exciting, slowly going through the proofs. We have a short foreword from Ken Smith which frames the book nicely and there is a good deal of information for beginning landscape students and professionals that are looking to get their head around digital techniques. The cover is […]