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Hybrid Analytical Landscapes

At CELA 2011 I had the opportunity to present the work Kristi Cheramie and I have assembled that led to the teaching of the Hybrid Analytical Landscapes course in the 2011 wintersession at LSU. The work was well received overall although we were not able to have a critical discussion during the panel due to time, which was unfortunate.

One of the most interesting aspects of the discussions has been focused around the processes of negotiation that occur as we move between forms of representation and site definition. This centers around two scales of negotiation, the first is understanding the transfer of site data. As information is moved between models it requires a strategy of retention and filtering that critically examines the building blocks for each landscape interpretation. The group work that produced the physical models created the other interesting moment of negotiation that forced each participant to advocate for their phenomena’s position within the larger system.

As always the student work was impressive as I look back on it, particularly in terms of quality and quantity in such a short time period. A draft of the paper presented is here.

Alex Ramirez and Will Tietje Sculpted Motion

Alex Ramirez and Will Tietje Sculpted Motion

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