Reactscape device:space

Around View Monitor

Video compositing technology put to use for a pragmatic in dash monitor system. Interesting re-appropriation of realtime information/data.

sensed perception

Several new projects underway that are extensions of work from sensing the landscape and representation workflows. Looking at digital representation it is interesting to note the expression of the design drawings as product of their medium. There are a few things to really express within this framework … image/design context, cut and paste collage, and […]

Change of Venues

The semester has ended and the reactscape blog hosted at wordpress has been moved to my own host. You can still access the old blog at but new updates will be here.

Jersey {Battery?}

Interesting article in Metropolis, many of you may have seen this. The incorporation of technologies into existing infrastructure is an interesting way to approach a site like the Perkins Underpass. Any thoughts on other possibilities that may allow for multiple functions from our infrastructure

The Digital Mile

Worth taking a look at…

Dan Roosegarde

It is interesting to find the results of sculptors creating convincing and interesting landscape that provokes context sensitivity which is user based. As landscape architects we strive to design landscapes that have direct connections to relevant ecological systems. In Roosegarde sculptures it is the user is the nascent system that the landscape bends and responds […]

Tagging the landscape

Tags and labels are a big part of understanding and cataloging the vast amounts of data we encounter everyday. Tagging not only allows us to search data more efficiently but it also allows individuals to collectively organize and sort information. If you are unfamiliar with the tagging of information you can look into one of […]

Multi-Touch Interactive Display

This is an amazing step in the direction of multi-touch interactive interfaces. Interesting applications for creating and navigating digital landscapes. [youtube=] You Tube Video of Jeff Han Demonstrating the interface