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My research is focused within two realms that fall under the broad definition of landscape architecture; digital landscape visualization and interactive landscapes. This focus builds upon my professional experience, graduate academic research, and current teaching pedagogy providing a broad base for future exploration and accomplishment. The exploration of professional and academic digital representation workflows has become an early focus of this research providing a wealth of possibilities and the armature to organize future exploration. Research in digital landscape visualization can be further focused through the study of methods and techniques of contemporary workflows from the visual effects industry and their application to landscape representation. My interest in interactive landscapes focuses on understanding historical manifestations of interactivity while exploring future possibilities for integrating sensor, projection, display, and automated systems. This body of research looks beyond landscape architecture in order to understand the current work in the fields of geography, computer science, digital media arts, and human computer interaction in order to bring advancements from other disciplines into the profession.

Research in landscape visualization and interactive landscapes requires a unique methodology in order to develop relevant and contemporary work. This methodology is comprised of three components; technical skills in digital content creation, contemporary theory surrounding landscape architecture and digital media, and appropriate venues for projects. These three components are discussed separately because their cultivation is not always congruent.

Because digital media tools are constantly evolving it is necessary to remain highly skilled in current methods of working with software and hardware. This evolution is extremely fast and it is necessary to remain near the cusp of this curve in order to develop relevant work. Like any other researcher, understanding and developing contemporary theories surrounding my field of study provides the content for publication and creative activity. It is not enough to write about and research my ideas, it is necessary to create and develop digital media projects through a variety of methods including professional work, competitions, academic collaborations, and sponsored research.

Abstraction Language

Force Field Cyborg Prosthetic

Ambient Space

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