Reactscape device:space



Do Landscapes Learn? Robert E. Cook

The Three Ecologies Felix Guattari

Notes on the Third Ecology Sanford Kwinter

Portraying the Urban Landscape Christopher Hight

Evolution vs. Naturalism Alvin Platinga

The Agency of Ecology, Chris Reed

Sustaining Biodiversity and People in the World’s Anthropogenic
Biomes, Erle C Ellis


Crazy-Radical Soft Architecture, From The 1950s To Today Neeraj Bhatia

Very Bad Futurists, Rob Holmes


Protocol, Control, and Networks Alxenader Galloway and Eugene Thacker

A Grounded Theory of Abstraction in Artificial Intelligence Jean Daniel Zucker


Urban Versioning System 1.0 Usman Haque and Matthew Fuller

Modulated Cities: Networked Spaces, Reconstituted Subjects Helen Nissenbaum and Kazys Varnelis

OIAML: Oceanographic Instrumentation and Mediated Landscapes Rob Holmes


Hardspace, Softspace Haque, Usman

What is Interaction Haque, Dubberly, Pangaro

Designing Interactions


Cybernetics is an Antihumanism: Advanced Technologies and the Rebellion Against the Human Condition, Dupuy, Jean-Pierre

Cybernetics and Art, Shanken, Edward

The Cybernetic Brain, Chapter 7, Pickering, Andrew

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