Reactscape device:space

Week 5 – Scripted


Beyond examining your world you can also add interactions with space and objects. These can be as simple as adding a trigger to open a door, cause an element to fall, or even begin playing sound.

Interactive Button Tutorial
Button Activated Alarm
Carve Tutorial
Vertex Manipulation Tutorial

Assignment Week 5 – Part 1
Using basic brushes you have found that your tools for creating realtime worlds is limited. You will add two tools to your palette this week, the carve tool and vertex editing. Both will allow you to refine your models and add detail in areas. You are to make adjustments to your level and turn in a new .vmf file at the next class session.

Your level refinements should be iterative and refine the current level you are working on. Develop finer areas of your current level keeping mind the same concepts as last week:

  • scale
  • ambiance
  • spatial relationships
  • transition
  • threshold
  • You will also add a single interaction to your world. This interaction can be a button or environmental trigger.

    Final Deliverable: .vmf level file uploaded to class server space

    Assignment Week 3 – Part 2
    Your twitter posts have been a running timeline that explain moments in your life where you have felt compelled (or required) to make a statement. You will extract your current twitter posts and place them in the provided excel spreadsheet that is currently on the server. You will add information that locates where you made each of your posts. You should continue adding to this spreadsheet throughout the semester.

    Final Deliverable: .xls file uploaded to class server space

    Assignments are due @ 9.30am, February 20th

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