Reactscape device:space

Site : 0.001 {vector . perspective}


In an attempt to begin understanding the visceral and sensory complexity of the site you will document a vector through the landscape. The vector should attempt to traverse the site in a legible manner and should focus on the connection between the city and the river. The vector should focus on transition within the site; primarily on elements, properties or systems that are consistent and/or fleeting. When documenting the vector it is important to devise an organized and precise method to compose and analyze your moments

The vector will be documented through a series of 15 photographs. Each photograph will represent a keyframe moment of navigation or perception that leads to the next photo. The series of photographs should read as a linear narrative through the environment. It may be necessary to explore several vectors and many iterations to find a suitable series of images.

Rendering by Andrea Galinski

Rendering by Andrea Galinski


After assembling the 15 photos you will print each on letter size sheets and trim them to 8″x10″. From the series of 15 photographs you will identify 8 that will receive further articulation. Using 11″x17″ vellum sheets you will draw over the perspective images, you will recreate (trace) the photograph beneath, adding embellishment to the areas that help to narrate the vector. The larger sheet size allows for annotation and expansion of the composition space. The vellum drawings must be monochromatic, highly crafted and utilize analog media.

All elements are due Monday, February 6th at 1:30pm. The photographs will be displayed as a horizontal composition with the vellum drawings beneath the photographs. Location TBD.

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