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LA 4504 . Animating Processes and Illustrating Experience


Illustration and animation are common forms of representation in the design professions. To be a successful designer it is necessary to be facile in digital modeling and rendering in order to express design intent within any phase of the design process. Contemporary digital illustration and animation tools allow for the designer to create a range representations that can be either abstract, hyper real or something in the middle.


This course will introduce and/or expand your knowledge of digital modeling and illustration using Autodesk 3ds max 2011 and/or Adobe After Effects CS4/5. Students will be asked to define an illustration/animation style based on a case study and analyze its qualities in order to understand how the components of the visual representation may be used to create design representations. The final project will use a previous design project from studio or a seminar course and will revise a portion of the representation based on the previous analysis and storyboard. A storyboard and project outline will be used to organize the work to be completed and to serve as guidance during the modeling and illustration process.


This course will meet physically the first day of class to introduce the materials and software. Students will then complete their work and communicate with the instructor and classmates through email, the lab.vl forum and skype. Assignments will be emailed to the instructor or will be uploaded through LSU filestogeaux.

Students must have access to a computer with the appropriate software installed and ability to connect to the internet through a broadband internet connection. Students are responsible for maintaining their own computers and software installations.


Textbook and Tutorials:


Tutorials, Textbook and Exam . 30%: Students will work through chapters 1-6 of the beginner or intermediate textbooks depending on their skill levels. This content will be supplemented by tutorials available on the website. Students will be tested on the content contained within these chapters through a written exam. The exam will be open book and students will have 24 hours to complete the exam.

Case Study and Storyboard . 15%: Students will be asked to define an illustration style they would like to emulate or critique. This will require students to gather examples of the illustration/animation style and explain how the illustrations were created (techniques, software, methods). From this students will create a storyboard or mock illustrations that will define the style, explain the final project, show how the project will be expressed over time or as an illustration and define deliverables. This will be the contract between the student and instructor by which the student will be graded for the final project.

Final Project . 50%: The final project will be based on a past studio project and will be defined through the case study and storyboard. The final deliverables will be defined by the student as either illustrations or a 45-90 second animation.

Participation . 5%: Students will be expected to participate in the course forum asking questions and answering questions from other students.


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