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LA 4504 . Realtime Landscapes

Interaction with virtual worlds creates compelling methods for design visualization and landscape analysis. Students will study methods to create realtime virtual environments using mini-blogging, vrml, flash, alice, and the unreal and/or half‐life game engine. Methods specific to realtime environments such as data streaming, low polygon modeling, texturing, and lighting will be analyzed to highlight best methods for architectural and landscape visualization that is used by great companies like different architecture firms in boulder co that specialize in these kind of services. The course will examine methods to use realtime representations for analytical and representational purposes. Students must have experience using 3d modeling software such as 3ds max or Maya and image editing software such as Photoshop.

LA 4101 Realtime Landscapes Syllabus

LA 4101 Realtime Steam Community Site

Suggested Resources

Co, P. 2006 Level Design for Games, New Riders, Berkeley, California.

Valve Developer Site
Pixel 2 Life Tutorials

Schedule – tentative

Week 1 – Wednesday, January 16
Design Week

Week 2 – Wednesday, January 23
Course Introduction, Project Introduction
Tools – Steam and Half Life 2, HL2 SDK

Week 3 – Wednesday, January 30
Introducing Realtime Environments
Introduce Hammer Level Editor
Present Project Precedents

Week 4 – Wednesday, February 6
Mardi Gras Holiday

Week 5 – Wednesday, February 13
Scripted vs. Realtime

Week 6 – Wednesday, February 20
Test Run of level mock-up

Week 7 – Wednesday, February 27

Week 8 – Wednesday, March 5
Level Mock-up Due (mid review)

Week 9 – Wednesday, March 12

Week 10 – Wednesday, March 19
Spring Break

Week 11 – Wednesday, March 26
Storyboard/Sketches/Mapping of FInal Project

Week 12 – Wednesday, April 2

Week 13 – Wednesday, April 9

Week 14 – Wednesday, April 16
Level Mock-up Critique

Week 15 – Wednesday, April 23
Landscape Architecture Studio Reviews

Week 16 – Wednesday, April 30
Bug Testing/Play Testing

Week 17 – Wednesday, May 7
Project Due/ Final Review

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