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Week 2 – Introduction


Valve Software, gaming engine, SDK, and level editing tools
Valve Steam Powered Website– We will be using Half-Life 2 which is powered by the Source gaming engine.

In order to begin developing levels you will need to download steam which is Valve’s software distribution system. You will need to then create an account.

Once you have downloaded steam and created an account, windows xp/vista required, you will need to purchase the Half-Life 2 + one pack, $24.99. Please install all of the games in the my games tab as well as the tools in the my tools tab (this includes the server, SDK, etc) of the steam interface.

Twitter, micro-blogging (realtime journal)
Twitter is a micro-blogging web app that allows you to send quick updates or tweets that can then be viewed as an RSS feed. For this course you will need to register a twitter account and keep up with daily tweets, this is mandatory for your participation grade. At a minimum you should post once a day regarding your current status…

Once you have signed up you will need to follow my account (bcantrell) and I will then be able to follow your account.


This semester you will create a level for half-life 2 that will be based on a series of precedents you will gather. These precedents can come from classic or contemporary built landscapes or landscapes/environments from films or literature. In order to begin this discussion you will need to gather plans, sections, images, videos, or literary passages that you will use as inspiration or blueprints for your level.

At the next class meeting you will present your precedent information. You will also need to have a working steam account and have half life and the SDK installed as well as a registered twitter account that is following my twitter account with an initial post.

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